Honour Forest Temples

The demeanor and teachings of the great personality of Ven. Phra Ajaan Mun have made a great impression and have had a great impact on countless remote communities in the Northeastern region of Thailand and in Laos along the Mekong River, and also in the mountainous communities around Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, as well as in the mountainous terrains of Myanmar. His unconditional kindness and goodwill as well as his great compassion to all human beings and nonhuman beings have won him wide acceptance and support in the remote and hill tribe communities as well as in the cruel wilderness. After his death, a number of his students have taken on the new leadership in spreading the Dhamma and the practices in forest tradition of Buddhism to many countries in the West. More than 3,300 forest temples in Thailand and 160 temples in abroad were built by his honour.

Every year since his passing, all the temples has celebrated the anniversary of his birth on a regular basis. On the occasion of the centenary of his birth, special and more celebration including the participation schools and communities will be highlighted on Meditations and education for peace and sustainable living.

Example honour forest temples in Thailand

Wat Borom Niwas

Wat Borom Niwas is a temple that was built by King Rama IV in B.E. 2377 (1834 AD) or in the reign of King Rama III, made up of 14 structures including a temple hall, Chedi, and monk’s cubicles. The construction continued until King Rama IV (at the time he was still ordained as a […]

Honour forest temples in abroad




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