Esteemed Disciples of Phra Ajaan Mun.

His major work was mainly his teaching on the practice of wandering and meditation delivered to gatherings of students during the Rains Retreats especially in the last decade of his life (1939-1949). These teachings were mostly in the form of oral traditions.

There remain however two manuscripts in his own handwriting of his Dhamma teaching, one was written in Thai scripts, the other was in ancient Thai-Lao scripts, as well as two sets of transcriptions of his lectures prepared by some of his master students which were published and distributed at his cremation ceremony.

More importantly, the impact of his practice and teaching was described in both verbal and written forms by many master disciples as being immensely influential and life-changing in developing the minds and hearts of the people, leading them towards the path of hope, peace and liberation from unhappiness.

His legacy is the lineage of master students, trained directly under him during his lifetime, numbering about 91 master monks/ nuns.

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