Wat Borom Niwas

Wat Borom Niwas is a temple that was built by King Rama IV in B.E. 2377 (1834 AD) or in the reign of King Rama III, made up of 14 structures including a temple hall, Chedi, and monk’s cubicles.

The construction continued until King Rama IV (at the time he was still ordained as a Buddhist monk) had to defrock and ascended to the throne, and transitioning into the reign of King Rama IV. Afterwards, the Monastery underwent a huge restoration during the time where Chao Khun Ubali Kunupamajarn became the abbot in 1904, where a Forest Dwelling was created. Wat Borom Niwas has been continually restored into a good condition by succeeding abbots until this very day.
The current abbot is Phra Dhep Worakoon (Prasassana Pannadharo), the 11th abbot of Wat Borom Niwas.